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Resorts of Krasnodar region. Excursion tours.


Ski resorts of Krasnodar region
Hotels in Krasnodar region
Sanatoriums and health centers in Krasnodar region
Excursions and attractions of Krasnodar region
Lago-Naki, Guamka, Psebai, Krasnaya Polyana

туры по краснодарскому краю туры по краснодарскому краю туры по краснодарскому краю

Resorts of Krasnodar region are universal. Here you can find a variety of water parks, dolphinariums, popular beach attractions such as diving and surfing clubs.  Hundreds of fascinating excursions are organized here: walking excursions, yachting excursions, off-road car excursions, etc. If you want to relax well, to spend good time and stay healthy and happy – come to the resorts of Krasnodar region. Holidays in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Adler are waiting for you the whole year round and offer the best rest in the South of Russia. Every year millions of Russians choose to spend their holiday on the Black Sea. You can book cheap hotels in Krasnodar region in Art-Max travel agency. Even a short holiday in Tuapse, Sochi or Gelendzhik is good for your health and mood. Sanatoriums of Krasnodar region offer you an extensive medical experience and natural riches of the Southern Russia. Curative effect of mineral waters, unique curative muds, tasty grapes and southern fruits will make happy everybody who chooses to spend their holiday in the South of Russia. Sun and sea, magnificent climate and pure ecology, relaxation and invigoration – all this is waiting for you on the resorts of Krasnodar region. And more importantly, hotels in Anapa, Sochi, Adler, Gelendzhik are available for booking the whole year round. In Sochi there is a wide choice of sanatoriums. Sochi is one of the best resort cities in Krasnodar region. In Sochi you can combine water skiing in the warm Black Sea and skiing on Krasnaya Polyana. The resort city of Anapa is connected with many cities of Russia by air, rail and road. Anapa has 40 km of sandy beaches and 10 km of pebbly beaches. The curative climate is steppe-mountainous and mild Mediterranean at the same time. Precious curative muds and baths are offered by sanatoriums of Anapa. The resort city of Gelendzhik, one of the most popular places for holidays in Russia, lies on the shore of the beautiful Gelendzhik bay bordered by the wonderful Caucasus Mountains. The abundance of mountain forests which occupy 80% of the territory of Tuapsinskiy district makes the ecological situation quite favorable. Picturesque landscapes, canyons of rivers, waterfalls and natural wonders are most visited places during excursions. In Art-Max travel agency we are always glad to help you in your choice of a hotel or an excursion tour in Krasnodar region.

Holidays in Krasnodar region. Cheap hotels in Krasnodar region. Excursion tours in Krasnodar region.

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